Quakes in Japan Today… Again


I wrote about them in my last post, and now it looks like we have to be prepared for more.

Today, we had two large ones.

One had a magnitude of 6.8, striking the coast of Hokkaido prefecture. A tsunami warning was released, and some people living along the coast were advised to evacuate their homes. Waves of up to 20 cm were observed.

Another magnitude 6.1 quake came later, or should I say a few hours ago, off the coast of Chiba prefecture. I was watching soccer when this one came, and boy was it big!

Japan has just started to recover from the earthquake last year, and yet the shaking and swaying doesn’t seem to stop.

Here’s an excerpt from an article written about this quake:

The temblors were considered aftershocks of last year’s massive quake, Meteorological Agency official Akira Nagai told a news conference, warning residents to stay away from buildings and plots already loosened by that tremor and the thousands of aftershocks that have followed.

After the first quake on Wednesday, the town of Otsuchi in Iwate prefecture, where more than 800 died in last year’s tsunami, issued an evacuation order to coastal households as a precaution, said prefectural disaster management official Shinichi Motoyama. No damage or injury was reported, he said.

Iwate was heavily damaged by last year’s tsunami. Nearly all of the thousands of aftershocks since then have been of minor or moderate strength.

I have no idea how long these after shocks are going to continue. Luckily, nobody was hurt in today’s quake, nor were there any damages. With current technology, it is impossible to predict earthquakes. However it can definitely be said that the world as a whole is increasing its seismic activity, considering that there have been large earthquakes in Haiti, New Zealand, Japan, and Turkey.

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