Thanks for visiting The Psychlops, a place for me to express the random thoughts that pop up into my mind every day.
I might share a photo or video, maybe write about a certain news topic, introduce a little bit of Japanese culture, or talk about a trip I went on.
Now for a little bit of an introduction.

I’m a normal teenager, 14 years old. I’m Japanese, and I live in Tokyo.

A few weeks after my first birthday, I moved to Singapore. From there, I have followed my family all the way to the U.S, then back to where I came from, Japan. I speak both Japanese and English.

It’s weird having spent half of my life abroad, then the other half in Japan. I am not considered “the same” by fellow classmates. People stare at me when I try to read an English book on a train. It took quite a while to get used to. But here I am, typing away at this “About” page to my blog. I’ve stayed alive so far, that’s what matters. Plus, it’s not like I hate this country. School’s fun, life’s fun, it’s just that sometimes, I dont fit in.

I enjoy tennis, reading, performing card magic, and collect playing cards. (Some of them are truly works of art!)
I bare with homework, crowded trains, and monster teachers. Mac over PC. Apple over Google. Sleeping over waking up. Going outside over being cooped up in my house.

That’s basically it. Hope you enjoy my blog, and please feel free to comment!


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