Syrian Uprising marks its first anniversary

I don’t know what it is, but March seems to be full of anniversaries. And not all of them are good ones.

Today, Syria marks the one-year anniversary of the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad and his oppressive rule.

In Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya, dictators have either been ushered out of their thrones or killed. With that, democracy has arrived for its people. In the midst of all this, Assad continues to rule his country’s people with force and violence.

Sanctions have been imposed by other nations worldwide, and there is no doubt that the Assad administration is losing strength and support. As I use the internet to write this blog post, some courageous Syrians are using the same tool to speak out against the dictatorial regime.

Social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter have helped to organize many of the demonstrations that have been led in the Arab Spring. People in Syria are now trying to do the same by exposing videos and photos, while knowing the consequences they will face if caught.

Let’s hope that the confusion in Syria ends as soon as possible, so its citizens can receive the same freedom that neighboring nations have fought for.

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